Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Engagement Video Series: Mainak Mazumdar of Nielsen//Netratings

Mainak Mazumdar, chief of measurement science at Neilsen//Netratings, has been a good friend of mine since year 2000, when he joined the Media Metrix media measurement unit of Jupiter Media Metrix (dot-bomb days). A few years later, he’s now the stats guru at Netratings. He offered some interesting insight into how the big media and television companies are starting to drive and fund a lot of the development in the online audience measurement space. As most readers of this blog will know, the television upfronts were shaky this year, and advertisers demanded major integration and extension from traditional television to digital video channels. Online video is here (literally on this blog, and figuratively)! Click the Play button below to hear Mainak’s insights.

(Obvious disclosure: Nielsen//Netratings is loosely affiliated with my company, Nielsen BuzzMetrics. We share a majority shareholder: VNU.)

Past Interviews In The Engagement Series


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