Thursday, September 28, 2006

Engagement Audio Series: Joe Pilotta of BIGResearch

I first met Joe Pilotta, VP of research at BIGResearch, several years ago, following an awesome presentation he made with Don Schultz on marketing silos and simultaneous media usage. I soon got to know Joe better as he got involved with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, which my company co-founded. Joe was not able to join me for a video interview (similar to Mark Green), so we did a Skype audio interview. Joe brings a contrarian and academic flare to the topic of advertising, research and engagement. He’s far from getting on the engagement bandwagon, but definitely offers constructive criticism for the larger discussion.

Click the Play button below to hear the audio interview. You can also subscribe to all Engagement By Engagement audio feeds (on your iPod or other player) here.

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