Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Listening & Pulling to Engage: The Harley Davidson Way

Laurent Flores of CRMMetrix writes in:

Yesterday, I proudly reported that I finally entered the Harley Davidson Legend... and as I was surfing the web and the Harley Davidson website specifically I really felt "engaged" by the Harley initiative on the Harley website (again note that engagement happens on the brand website, the place I consider the best place to engage with consumers because then they do want to engage with your brand!).

Harley uploaded a new video on their website called "Live by it" (www.livingbyit.com). The video does a great job at explaining the Harley-Davidson "Creed" outlining what the company believes in. The video also made it on to YouTube, further extending its reach.

Rather than talking and pushing messages to consumers the video really does a great job at pulling people in. The brand hosts a space where customers can get into the conversation and share their own "Creed".

What a great way to Listen, Empower Customers and make them further engaged to drive positive WOM and make your brand remarkable no?

Again, it all starts by Listening and Pulling consumers in from the brand website...OK, not everyone has a brand like Harley but come on, all brands have a website and at least some engaged consumers that are ready to further push the brand. So brands what are you waiting for?

I don't believe the brand Web site is the start to all Engagement, but Laurent is right in pointing out the strong role the brand Web site can and often does play. Similarly, Nielsen BuzzMetrics has routinely found that brand Web sites are among the most trusted forms of marketing in the eyes of consumers.


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