Wednesday, November 29, 2006

IAB Touts Engagement of Interactive Media

I've been tied up with becoming a dad, but I'm getting back into the groove...
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (where I once consulted) launched a new campaign touting the viability of interactive media versus other. The anchor theme? Engagement, reports Joe Mandese from MediaPost:
At a time when print publishing trade associations representing newspapers, consumer magazines and trade magazines have embarked on big advertising campaigns to promote the vitality of their medium, a group representing online publishers is about to do the same. And like its print counterparts, the online group is leveraging the media theme du jour on Madison Avenue: engagement. Interestingly, that group, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will be using a combination of print and online advertising buys to get its message out. The message: "Media More Engaging." The theme, which was crafted by Brand New World, is based on an extensive research study conducted among senior marketing and ad agency executives on how to best position interactive media, but its findings appear to be the same ones that could be applied to any medium.
Full story here.


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