Friday, September 22, 2006

We’re Featured On Revver!

In case you’re under a rock and haven’t noticed, one of the goals of Engagement By Engagement is to showcase how easy it is for average Joes – yes, I count myself as one – to publish interesting, interactive content for like-minded people. Among the simplest of media tools in my arsenal include text, audio, photos and video.

And speaking of video, I’m using Revver to power video on this blog. Revver is a video-sharing, syndication and ad-serving platform all in one – and it’s designed to help niche content creators make money. It's what many of the leading video bloggers are using, including Lonelygirl15, Eepybird and zefrank. Instead of letting YouTube take all the proceeds, Revver offers a great platform and splits the revenue. If you’d like to learn more about Revver, check out this recent Q&A I did with co-founder Oliver Luckett.

Finally, as suggested in the headline, Alex Black, community manager at Revver, informed me this afternoon that Engagement By Engagement is featured on the Revver blogsee here. This is exciting stuff!


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