Friday, September 22, 2006

Engagement Audio Series: Mark Green of ACNielsen On Engagement Versus Attention

Mark Green, SVP at ACNielsen, is in Chicago and I’m in New York, so a video interview was impossible. However, we did a 30-minute Skype call and I bring it to you right here – minutes later. Mark is a twenty-year veteran in media and market research, and is one of the most forward-looking, big-picture guys I know. In addition to his innovation duties on the job, he writes a monthly column in Media magazine and frequently offers me quotes and feedback on my own writing. In our discussion, we talk about media, research, engagement, attention and the future. He gives us a preview into his upcoming Media magazine contribution on Attention Versus Engagement (more on this topic from me later).

Click on the Play button below to listen now! Click here to download the MP3 file, and you can subscribe (like in iTunes) through the feed in the sidebar. And be sure to drop a line if you'd like to participate in an interview. Everyody's doing it!

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